SAGA Baking Form

The SAGA Baking Form is a cardboard baking dish lined with baking paper. It is suitable for all types of baking, including bread, cakes and buns. Thanks to the non-stick surface of the baking paper, the baking form is ready to use immediately and does not need to be greased or floured. This makes baking easier, especially when there is a lot of baking to do.

The beautifully patterned outer surface of the form means that it can also be used as a serving dish, or for presenting the pastry it contains as a gift. The light weight of the baking form makes it ideal for taking to a cottage or holiday home, to friends and family, or to a bake sale or bazaar; with no need to worry about how or when it will be returned.

One package contains three baking forms, which are packed flat so that they are easy to store in, say, a drawer, together with oven trays, for example. The form is very easy to assemble and it is completely compostable.