SAGA GN Liner sheets

SAGA GN Liner (PREMIUM STRONG) is a groundbreaking innovation for industrial kitchens. As well as cutting costs, it makes the food even tastier. Along with other SAGA papers, SAGA GN Liner is made from certified wood and is biodegradable and compostable.

The same paper can be used for preparation, cooking, transportation and serving, as SAGA GN Liner remains resistant to moisture for several days, depending on the food. This means that the food can be prepared well in advance. The paper is also suitable for food with a high liquid content. We recommend plastic servers.

SAGA GN Liner prevents the food from burning and sticking to the dish. This saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary washing up and freeing up resources for customer service and other tasks. The need for oil and grease is also reduced. Using SAGA GN Liner is effortless for employees and requires no investment in equipment.

• non-stick surface that prevents food from sticking to the dish or tray – eliminates scrubbing
• protects from food contamination
• used as is – paper doesn’t require any additional grease coating
• good grease resistance
• keeps dish/tray clean after use – save time and money
• highly resistant to heat (up to 220 °C)
• makes food handling hygienic – white baking paper is a hygienic choice
• can be frozen with food – lasts for all the processes from cooking to serving
• hard-wearing and wet-strong
• retains moisture for up to 48 h
• brings out the aroma of cooking

Available product sizes:

SAGA GN Liner paper 1/2           33 x 39 cm (for 1/2 size GN Tray)
SAGA GN Liner paper 1/1           40 x 60 cm (for 1/1 size GN Tray)
SAGA GN Liner paper 1/1 PLUS    44 × 64 cm (for 1/1 size GN Tray with cover)

All the products are available in cardboard dispenser that holds 500 sheets.