SAGA Cooking Paper roll 12 m WE

SAGA Cooking Paper Roll is a unique innovation and contains more properties than traditional cooking paper. It is versatile equipment for professional chefs and home cooks.

SAGA Cooking Paper Roll enhances the appearance, flavour and aroma of the food. It is suitable for all kinds of cooking and baking. It can be used for boiling, steaming, frying, grilling, food preparation, cold kitchen and storing. You can also use paper for serving: opening the SAGA pouch at the dinner table stimulates all the senses.

To guarantee maximum food hygiene and environmental performance, SAGA Cooking Paper is white. It is also biodegradable and compostable.

SAGA makes preparing, cooking and washing up easy and effective. More practical tips can be found from the CookHow and Benefits sections. See also SAGA’s delicious recipes from the Cookbook.

The package has a handy, durable cutter, so the sheet will always be the size you need.