SAGA Baking Paper sheets

SAGA Baking Paper (CLASSIC) has a non-stick surface and is greaseproof and highly resistant to heat, which makes them versatile. SAGA paper products are environmentally friendly. Made from certified wood, the paper can be recycled after use as biowaste, composted or burned.

When using SAGA Baking Paper Sheets, there is no need for greasing trays or dishes. The food and pastries will not stick, which makes washing up much easier. SAGA Baking Paper Sheets can also be used for decoration, for rolling dough, in freezing and as an intermediate sheet. Because of its excellent non-stick properties, pastries and bread can be frozen and later baked on the same paper. SAGA Baking Paper Sheets are also suitable for microwave ovens and panini presses.

• non-stick surface that prevents sticking and burning - eliminates scrubbing
• protects baked goods from food contamination
• used as is – paper doesn’t require any additional grease coating
• good grease resistance
• keeps baking form/tray clean after use - save time and money
• highly resistant to heat (up to 220 °C)
• makes food handling hygienic – white baking paper is a hygienic choice
• can be frozen with dough
• can be used several times, depending on dough type, baking time and temperature, type of baking tin and coverage

Available product sizes:

SAGA Baking paper 39 x 59 cm 
SAGA Baking paper 40 x 60 cm
SAGA Baking paper 45 x 75 cm
SAGA Baking paper 50 x 70 cm
SAGA Baking paper 57 x 78 cm
SAGA Baking paper 57 x 98 cm
SAGA Baking paper 60 x 60 cm

All the products are available in cardboard dispenser that holds 500 or 1000 sheets.