Smoked trout with celery puree and mandarin sauce

Recipe awarded in the Polish National Cooking Contest "Nowy Wymiar Gotowania - SAGA"
Author: Przemysław Klima
Ingredients (1 serving)

1 trout
5 mandarin slices
a handfull of dry hay (for smoking the fish)
fresh thyme
fresh chickweed (for decorating)
fresh woodsorrel (for decorating)

150g celery
250ml milk
20g butter

1 lemongrass stalk
200ml mandarin juice (squeezed or from a container)
20ml liquid honey
3-4g butter

SAGA cooking paper
Wash the trout and dry it with a paper towel. Fillet the trout - remove the bones and scales. Take one sheet of SAGA cooking paper. Put the trout on the paper together with some thyme and 5 mandarin slices. Make a SAGA boat and place it into a smoker.
Sauté the smoked fish in oil (skin side down). Cut the fish into halves. Place the mandarin slices on top of one piece of the fish and cover with the second one.

Fill the pot with milk and put the peeled celery into the pot. Take a sheet of SAGA cooking paper, cut off the circle and cover the pot. Boil until the celery is soft. Remove the paper cover and add butter. Sieve and season with salt.

Fill the pot with drinking honey and evaporate. Add chop lemongrass and the mandarin juice, simmer until you get gentle sauce. Add butter and season with salt.

Place the fish onto the celery puree, garnish with wild herbs. Add sauce.