Smoked Fish Sushi

Nordic sushi – when east meets west.
100 g smoked salmon
50 g fresh tuna
½ avocado
2 sheets nori seaweed
fresh chives
sushi rice
wasabi paste
soy sauce
Prepare the sushi rice using the recipe below. Peel the avocado and remove the stone. Cut the tuna and the avocado into thin strips. Place one nori sheet glossy side down onto an A4 sheet of SAGA Cooking Paper. Spread half the rice very thinly and evenly over the nori sheet making sure that you leave a 2 cm border at the top end to seal the sushi. Smear a small amount of wasabi paste in a line across the rice near the bottom (remember that wasabi paste is very strong!).

Take some strips of tuna and lay them on the wasabi paste so that they make an unbroken line across the rice. Do the same with the avocado, thin flakes of smoked salmon and chopped chives. Don’t put too much filling in as it will make it difficult to roll. Using the cooking paper, firmly roll the sushi away from you taking care not to roll the paper into the sushi. Tighten the sushi as you roll but not too tight as this could tear the nori sheet or force the filling out of the ends.

With a sharp moist knife, cut the ends of the sushi off. Cut the remainder into half and again into three portions. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste.

TOP TIP: Keep your knife moist when cutting sushi to prevent tearing.