Gilt-head Bream Fillet with Tomatoes and Fennel

This low calorie fish dish can also be cooked on the barbecue’s hot plate.
4 gilt-head bream fillets with skin (à 120-140 g)
4 vine tomatoes
2 medium fennel bulbs
1 orange
2 lemons
1 garlic clove
12 black olives
2 sprigs rosemary
4 tbsp olive oil
sea salt
cayenne pepper
Wash, stem and thinly slice the tomatoes. Clean and halve the fennel. Cut out the stalk and shave off strips with a peeler or thinly slice with a knife. Halve the olives and remove the stones. Peel and dice the garlic.

Lay out 4 x A3 sheets of SAGA Cooking Paper. Arrange the garlic, rosemary needles and lemon zest in the centre of each sheet and place the fennel, orange zest and olives on top. Add the sea bream skin-side down and season with sea salt and a little lemon juice before covering each fillet with the tomato slices. Season with a little salt and cayenne pepper to taste and drizzle with olive oil.

Make a SAGA package and cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 160°C (180°C).

Serve 'al cartoccio' (i.e. in the SAGA package) with fresh focaccia or ciabatta bread.

TOP TIP: Crush garlic cloves between two pieces of cooking paper so that the work surface remains odor free.

TOP TIP: Grating fresh orange peel is a lot easier if you place the orange in the freezer overnight.