Maki Sushi with Roe of Rainbow Trout

The combination of roe, onion, and white radish make a crisp sushi with taste and character.
100 g roe of rainbow trout
100 ml roasted onion
1 white radish (daikon), about 20 cm long
2 sheets nori seaweed
wasabi paste
fresh chives
sushi rice
soy sauce
Prepare the sushi rice according to the recipe at the URL below. Peel the radish, and cut it into six thin slices. The slices should be the same length as the sheets of nori.

Cut a SAGA Cooking Paper into an A4-sized sheet. Place the sheet of nori on the cooking paper with the shiny side down. Now place three slices of radish on each sheet of nori, in the horizontal direction. Spread a thin layer of rice over the slices of radish, excluding a narrow portion at the top of the nori (the most distant end). Use as little rice as possible to cover the radish. Add a thin strip of wasabi paste on the end of the sheet closest to you, across the full width of the nori.

Add roe of rainbow trout, chopped chives, and roasted onion on top of the wasabi along the full length of the sheet of nori, and roll the sheet with SAGA cooking paper into a tight roll. You may have to push the roll down in places, but this must be done carefully.

When the roll is ready, cut small slices from each end of the roll. Then cut the roll in half, and cut each half into three further slices (dipping the knife in cold water makes the cutting easier). Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.