Pan-smoked Cod

Smoking in a paper wrap softens the bitterness of the smoke aroma, thus leaving more room for the other flavours of the dish.
600 g cod fillet (à 150 g)
2 large onions
4 tomatoes
fresh dill
Dry the cod fillet on a paper towel and then put on cooking paper before seasoning with salt, pepper and chopped dill. Finely chop the onion and tomatoes and season with salt, a pinch of pepper and some marjoram. Spread the mix on top of the fish and make SAGA pouches, packages or loaf. Now they are ready for smoking.


What you need:

An (old) enamelled pan with a lid
A flat-bottom strainer
Some wood chips from a leafy tree (oak, cherry tree, alder)

How to smoke:

Put some (about 150 g) wood chips into the pan, cover with the lid and place the ‘smoker’ on a heat source (gas or electricity) until the chips start smoking. Put the pouches into the strainer, carefully place into the pan and then cover again and smoke for about 25 minutes.

Place the closed pouches onto plates to retain the aroma and serve with green salad and potatoes.

PLEASE NOTE that wood chips let off significantly smoke. Therefore the best place for smoking is outdoors.