Seafood, Fish ‘n’ Fries in a Paper Wrap

A hearty dish of fish, deep-fried seafood and fries in the spirit of the old British classic. With the help of greaseproof SAGA Cooking Paper serving the portions is nice 'n' neat.
16 giant prawn tails
2 smoked whitefish
1 kg oven-ready fries
4 slices fresh white bread
salt and white pepper

For deep-frying:
rapeseed oil
Crush the bread into crumbs, using a blender. Peel the prawn tails, season with salt and white pepper, and roll them in the breadcrumbs.

Place the fries on a sheet of SAGA Cooking Paper and follow the instructions for cooking. Heat the oil in a pan to 180°C and quickly deep-fry the tails (use a thermometer to avoid overheating the oil). Place the deep-fried prawn tails on a sheet of cooking paper to let the excess oil drip off.

Cut the smoked whitefish into bite-size portions. Line four deep bowls or baskets with cooking paper and place in the fries, prawn tails and whitefish bites. Serve with sour cream dip, lemon wedges and green salad.