Christmas cheesecake with gingerbread macaroons

A sweet snack for a Christmas evening.
125g ground almonds
370g icing sugar
4 egg whites
25g sugar
10g gingerbread spice
fruit jam

200g quark
2 egg yolks
200g icing sugar
2 tbsp gelatine
3 / 4 bar of butter
250ml 30% cream
Beat the egg whites with sugar until it gets stiff. Add ginger, crushed almonds and icing sugar - mix all the ingredients gently into a smooth paste. Take one sheet of SAGA cooking paper and form a piping bag. Fill the piping bag with the paste. Line a baking tray with a sheet of SAGA cooking paper. Take the piping bag and squeeze the dough onto the baking tray to make about 3 cm diameter discs. Wait 15 minutes until a crust is formed on to the discs. Bake them in an oven at 120°C for about 15 minutes. Spread some jam on half of the discs and place the remaining ones on top of them.

Mix yolks, icing sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add quark, dissolved gelatine and whipped cream. Line 4 high baking rings or dishes with a diameter of about 5 cm (plastic or metal) with SAGA cooking paper. Fill them alternating between macaroons and dough. Set aside and allow to chill.
Serve in SAGA cooking paper with fresh fruit.