​A baked cheesecake is a delicious Easter treat. Serve with puréed mango and fresh fruit

​200 g oatmeal biscuits
50–75 g butter

600 g cream cheese
3 eggs
100 ml sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
juice of half a lemon
grated zest of half a lemon

To top:
puréed mango
fresh fruit

​Crumble the oatmeal biscuits and mix in the melted butter.
Cut some SAGA Baking Paper to fit into the bottom of a 24 cm diameter springform cake tin.
Press the biscuit mixture into the bottom of the tin.
Put the tin in the refrigerator for a short while.
Mix the filling ingredients together and pour the mixture into the tin.
Bake in a 150 °C oven on the middle rack for 50–60 minutes.
Keep the cheesecake in the refrigerator right until you serve it.
For best results, serve the day after baking.
Serve with puréed mango and fresh fruit.