Spicy Beef Pastrami Toast

Serve this delicious warm sandwich as a starter or add an extra piece of toasted bread on top as a quick and tasty lunch option.
400 g fillet of beef
1 tbsp pink peppercorn
1 tbsp green peppercorn
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp fresh, ground rosemary
butter for frying


bread for toast
100 g peeled black salsify
1 red onion
cherry tomatoes
Place the pepper, fennel seeds and ground rosemary in the middle of one of side of an A3-sized piece of SAGA Cooking Paper. Fold the other half over the spices and gently pound them with a wooden mallet until they are crushed. Unfold and evenly spread out the spices over the sheet of paper leaving a border around the edges.

If necessary, trim the meat and then cook in a frying pan until it is just how you like it - rare, medium or well done!

Place the hot meat on top of the paper and roll it so that it is coated all over with the crushed spices. Make a SAGA loaf with the meat to allow it to marinate in the spices as it cools down.

Chop the cherry tomatoes and slice the red onion. Peel the black salsify, chop into 6 cm long pieces and transfer immediately to a pan of water to avoid discolouration. Simmer for 6-12 minutes, depending on the thickness, until ripe and firm.

Thinly slice the meat and serve on freshly made toast with the tomatoes, onion, rocket and salsify.

TOP TIP: As an alternative, crush the spices inside a SAGA Deli Bag.