Paper bag packaging

SAGA Sandwich Bags makes a perfect disposable food packaging. For a picnic, pack your sandwiches into SAGA Sandwich Bags or wrap them in parchment paper. The silicone-coated surface of the parchment paper and the wet-resistant paper of the deli bag mean that it doesn’t matter if your wrapping gets slightly damp. The paper is also breathable enough to keep the bread crusty. SAGA papers are suitable for warm and cold sandwiches, baguettes, pasties, croissants, wraps…you name it!

You can also grill paninis in the parchment paper – this prevents the melting cheese from leaking out onto the grill.

Use SAGA Sandwich Bags to store dried fruit, herbs and mushrooms, as well as winter apples and diverse snacks such as popcorn. Paper wrappings and deli bags are also suitable to store cheeses for a short-term in the fridge.