Serving food in parchment paper

SAGA Cooking Paper and Baking Paper help you present your food elegantly. Wrap food in SAGA paper bundles, packages or boats to serve diners individually. Opening a paper bundle at the dinner table stimulates all the senses.

Surprise your guests at parties by placing small snacks - crisps, popcorn and crudités - in paper cones. They can easily be topped up as the night goes on! These are also ideal for children’s parties – less vacuuming the morning after!

When serving greasy foods such as pasties, meatballs or deep-fried vegetables, line your serving dish with parchment paper. This will make it easier to clean, especially in the case of wooden and other porous or non-washable dishes. Paper can also be used as an accent: some foods look even more delicious against a white background - you can further play with the paper by folding, cutting, fringing or wrinkling it.

At a buffet, you can write the name of the dish in pencil on the parchment paper on which it is presented - allergy information or other important details can also be included.

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