How to roll sushi without a mat?

Craving for sushi but you do not have a sushi mat? Use SAGA Cooking Paper to make sushi, or for example rolling a meatloaf. Rolling sushi without a mat and using parchment paper instead is easy and clean!

SAGA Cooking Paper is also suitable for rolling sushi - you don’t need a special bamboo mat. Spread the ingredients on top of the SAGA Cooking Paper and roll the sheet into a roll using the paper. Just take out a new clean sheet of paper each time. The paper can also be used as a wrapping, for example, to wrap a maki roll to stop the rice from drying.

When baking a Swiss roll or other cakes, it’s advisable to bake it on an oven tray lined with baking paper. The paper not only stops the sticky mixture of egg and sugar from sticking to the tray, it makes it easy to lift the ready sponge from the tray onto the tabletop. You can also use the paper to roll up your Swiss roll – it’s hygienic and the mixture will stay firmly together since it’s kept in place with the paper.

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